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Build A Loyal Fanbase

An audience of engaged music lovers is waiting to hear your sound and embrace your brand.  SPRK MUSIC enables you to create a fanbase that will be with your for the rest of your career.

Meet & Collaborate with Musicians

The perfect place to discover online music collaborations – musicians from across the world, both up and coming, and well established are looking for artists to collab with – get involved!

Exclusive Gig Opportunities

Venue managers and concert promoters are always looking for talented musicians from any genre to be part of upcoming shows – SPRK MUSIC connects you with them and gets gigs in your diary.

Get Signed

With a network of record labels using SPRK MUSIC to source new talent, there’s a high probability your work will get discovered, enhancing your chances of being signed.

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The 3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Music Heard.

1. Sign Up for Free

Join now, swiftly create your profile, confirm your account, and you're ready to introduce your music to millions of listeners.

2. Upload Your Music

Rapidly upload your video and share it with the world. You'll instantly be in the ears of fans of your genre, as we'll notify them of your upload.

3. Connect with The Community

Whether you're looking for musicians to collaborate with, brands and promoters to connect with, or fans to engage with - SPRK MUSIC makes it all efficient and easy.

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Who Can You Connect With Through SPRK MUSIC

Build your brand, and make money.

New & Existing Fans

Brand Partners

Collaborating Musicians

Gig Organizers

Concert Promoters

Record Labels

New & Existing Fans

Brand Partners

Collaborating Musicians

Gig Organizers

Concert Promoters

Record Labels

Traditionally, social media will expose your brand to users and potential fans only if your work is already highly engaged with.  That’s not how SPRK MUSIC works.  Everyone gets a fair shot and has an equal opportunity to get eyes on their brand and ears on their artistry.  SPRK MUSIC exists to help musicians like you forge a career in this difficult industry.

How Users, Brands, Labels, & Promoters Discover You

The magic of the Artist Directory.

We’ve rewritten the book of how to promote your music on social media.  The intuitive Artist Directory system works to give everyone an equal opportunity of being heard.  Unlike other general social apps, we’ve made it a fairer process for all artists.  When you search, you’ll see trending musicians but aren’t presented with multiple videos from just one artist.

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Grab the opportunity to skyrocket your music career, create your account, upload your music, and connect with people you might never have had the chance to meet.

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